Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

Visions & Beliefs


visionbelief.jpegOur Catholic Culture at Sacred Heart School is expressed as the sum total of beliefs and values that the Catholic Community shares and expresses. It is not only in what we believe but, more importantly, how we behave and treat others because of these beliefs. We continue to support and challenge each other to keep the gap between what we say and what we do as small as possible.

Our school continues to focus on the belief that ‘it takes a whole village to raise a child’. It is the collaborative, respectful and engaging relationship between students, teachers, parents/guardians and the wider community that provides quality learning experiences for our students.

Parents by enrolling their child at Sacred Heart, teachers by choosing to work at Sacred Heart make the commitment to focus on the building of relationships with each other.

Our staff are reflecting on the question ' What does it mean to be part of a Catholic Community?' through guest speakers and tailored experiences to help each staff member have a greater self awareness of their thoughts to this question.

Our school vision statement

God Loves us absolutely just as we are. At Sacred Heart we love each other as God loves us. To love and to be loved allows all of us to flourish into being the best that we can be; In ourselves, In our relationships, And in our learning.

Our school mission statement

Go forward and share God's gift of love to make our world a better place.

As a Catholic systemic school we are also informed and supportive of systemic documents including: